Red Varistor Necklace
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Red Varistor Necklace


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Product Description

VarisAn 18″ necklace with a small red varistor as a pendant.

On the back:

Varistors are the security guards of the world of electronics, since it protects circuits from being damaged by excessive voltage. They are a type of resistor with a significantly non-ohmic current-voltage characteristic. The name is a portmanteau of variable resistor, which is misleading since it can’t be changed by the user like a potentiometer or rheostat, and it’s not even a resistor–it’s a capacitor. Confusing name aside, varistors come in lovely colors and make great jewelry.

  • 18″ chain
    Silver anti-static bag packaging with black foam
    Educational label on the reverse explaining varistors

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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